Pay What You Can, When You Can

Hi Leaders!

Scott Drake here.

I founded JumpCoach as a social enterprise with the mission of making best-in-class leadership training available to anyone who needs it. To keep the training accessible, I ask you to pay what you can at milestones in your training. If you're a student, work at a small nonprofit, or can't pay right now, don't pay. Take the training, grow, become the leader your teammates need. Just come back and pay when you can or pay it forward in the world some other way.

How much should you pay?

That's up to you, but don't make the decision until after you have started your training. I know it's hard to put a value on training before you experience it, so I won't ask you to take that risk. At milestones in your training, I'll ask you to pay what you can based on the value you've received. And if it wasn't the training you need, don't pay me.

If you can pay, here are a few comparisons that may help you arrive at a fair price:

  • A textbook on leadership or management will cost between $25 and $50 in US dollars
  • A simple online leadership lesson will cost around $50
  • A simple online leadership course will cost between $100 to $200
  • A full online leadership course will cost between $300-$500

Pay what you can, and if you can chip in a little extra to help offset the costs of those who can't pay, please do. It will help us bring you additional training in the future.

But don't let cost stop you from becoming the leader your family, organization, or team needs. If you need the training, please take the training.


Scott Drake

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