Craft Your Personal Leadership Training Plan and Take Control of Your Career

  • 60 minutes of on-demand video
  • Three developmental assignments

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2-minute Preview

After This Lesson, You Will:

  • Establish a process and routine for continuous self-improvement
  • Learn seven exercise types to help you find leadership topics to study
  • Learn a system to analyze, prioritize and choose high-value topics to study
  • Evaluate how much time to invest in learning based on your career goals
  • Craft an overall career plan to help guide your decisions
  • Assemble study plans for chosen topics
  • Contrast four levels of learning and set right-sized topic goals
  • Explore learning science hacks to help you study less and learn more


What leadership topics should you study to take your next career step?

What new knowledge or skills will help you rise to your organization's unique challenges?

How do you invest your time wisely and make smart choices from all the training options?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all for leadership or training.

The Scorecard taught you the basics, but leadership is a vast domain spanning dozens of topics that could be useful. That bloat creates problems.

  • No two leaders face the same challenges or need the same combination of dozens of possible skills.
  • As your career progresses, the skills you need will change.
  • Our do-it-yourself training attempts can be quickly overwhelmed by thousands of options.
  • Leaders waste time and money on the wrong training.

This lesson is engineered to overcome these challenges by putting you in control of your training.

It builds on the Scorecard's fourth Job, Become a Strategic Learner, and will help you:

  • Cut through the training industry's noise.
  • Become a confident, self-directed learner.
  • Have a plan for your learning.
  • Have clear decision criteria for where to invest in your training.

Own Your Future

If you want to reach your potential and become a great leader, you've got to take control of your training.

This lesson gives you the toolbox to do it.

Get started today!

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