The Coaching Mindset

How to Unlock the Motivation and Performance of Your Teams by Leveling Up Your Thinking

  • 90 minutes of on-demand video
  • Three developmental assignments

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After This Lesson, You Will:

  • Understand the three foundational concepts of modern employee motivation
  • Evaluate your interactions through the lens of what motivates and demotivates employees
  • Learn about the Expert and Leadership mindsets, and how each impacts team engagement
  • Learn how to interact with your team in ways that bring clarity and good energy instead confusion and doubt
  • Explore emotional intelligence and its role in delegation, problem solving, and handling setbacks
  • Learn to balance advocating for your ideas and solutions with creating space for others to contribute
  • Examine routine work (mechanistic) and innovative work (organic) and how each needs different leadership techniques
  • Discover areas of focus for frontline, mid-level, and executive leaders


Do you wish your team were more proactive and had an ownership mentality?

Do you wish your team would bring you solutions instead of problems?

Do you find yourself pulled into firefighting mode too often?

Does your team struggle to work to your standards?

Are you tired of making decisions below your pay grade?

Here's a hard truth: Most times, these are leadership problems, not employee problems.

These problems exist because well-intentioned managers lead in demotivating ways and don't realize it.

This powerful lesson builds on five Scorecard sections:

  • Goal 1: Get Results
  • Goal 2: Engaged Team that Feels Psychologically Safe
  • Job 1: Be a Coach
  • Job 5: Create Alignment
  • Job 6: Challenge the Team

If you need to improve in these areas, you need this lesson.

It will help you:

  • Understand the mindsets of great role players and great leaders and how they are different.
  • Delegate in empowering and motivating ways.
  • Coach problem solving and unlock the best thinking of others.
  • Inspire motivated teams who will bust through walls to get things done.
  • Get yourself out of firefighting mode so you can be more strategic.
  • Grow your emotional intelligence and avoid traps that derail many well-meaning leaders.

Stop chasing skills until you have mastered the coaching mindset.

This lesson will help you level up quickly.

Get started today!

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