Empowering Everyone to Lead

JumpCoach is on a mission to simplify leadership, shortcut your learning curve, and help you reach your potential faster.

We believe leadership training should be:

Accessible and Simple. The world needs more great leaders at all levels. Leadership training should not be complicated, have cost barriers, or offered exclusively to a select few within an organization.

Tailored. Your learning journey should give you everything you need and nothing you don't. It should help you cut through the training industry's noise so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Actionable. Your training should be high-impact and effective quickly. It should help you perform real-world tasks and rise to the real-world challenges you face as a leader.

The JumpCoach Way

Illustration of Learn the Job, Do the Job, Get Better Over Time

There is no single right way to lead, but there are a few foundational pieces needed by all leaders at all levels.

These include evolving from an expert mindset into a leadership mindset and being able to clearly answer the question, "how do you know you're doing a good job as a leader?" You'll be surprised how many leaders are not working towards a clear set of goals or definitions of success.

Our training helps you understand leadership and begin leading from where you are. You then learn a continuous self-improvement process made of seven exercise types that will help you add needed knowledge and skills over time.

This is a toolbox you'll use for the rest of your career.

A Passion Project Turned Social Enterprise

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JumpCoach was founded by technology executive and consultant Scott Drake. Scott's journey into leadership was long, painful, and he made every mistake in the book. It took him 10 years to thrive as a leader and not feel like an imposter.

When he became a leader of leaders, he saw next-generation leaders making the same mistakes and having the same struggles. Selfishly, he couldn't spend 10 years watching new leaders wreck his teams while they figured out how to lead, so he began searching for a faster way to teach leadership. That search turned into a five-year research project and the innovations that are now JumpCoach.

In 2021, Scott left an executive role in medical education and founded JumpCoach to make best-in-class leadership training available to everyone who needs it.

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We Believe:

"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be."