Leadership Scorecard™ + On-Demand Training
The Fastest Path to Becoming a Great Leader is this Scorecard

How Do You Know You're Doing a Great Job as a Leader and Manager?

Most leaders and managers can't tell you objectively if they're doing a good or bad job. When they were salespeople, accountants, or nurses, the good/bad answer was easier.

For managers, not-so-much. It's why the world is full of good people who are bad bosses. They don't know the goals and activities that will make them great. Sounds simple and obvious, but do you have a thoughtful, complete, and accurate answer?

Introducing JumpCoach's Leadership Scorecard™

The Leadership Scorecard™ is a comprehensive tool designed to eliminate the guesswork in leadership. This powerful resource provides a clear, actionable assessment of your leadership activities, behaviors, and goals. It helps you discover areas to improve.

Boost Self-Confidence

Know where to spend your time and energy as a manager.

Raise Team Performance

Ensure you're doing everything you should be as a manager and leader.

Focused Personal Growth

Equip yourself with tools for lifelong growth.

The Scorecard is something all leaders, regardless of tenure, can benefit from. It is such a helpful tool to identify priorities as well as track progress. I plan on re-visiting my Scorecard periodically to check in on my progress.

How it Works

Get precise guidance on the management skills you need.

Step 1: Complete Your Assessment

You'll be asked to agree or disagree with a set of observations about yourself and your team. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Watch the Lesson

Watch the 60-minute lesson covering 13 key facets of leadership. You'll see your results as you watch, highlighting your top three areas for improvement.

Step 3: Study and Improve

The lesson recommends books and training resources for each facet. Use these to grow in your top areas.

Step 4: Repeat Regularly

Re-take the assessment over time to see how your activities and behaviors have changed and the areas you should target next.

The Research

The Leadership Scorecard™ is the result of five years of research. We studied the learning objectives of hundreds of books and dozens leadership and MBA programs. We also interviewed countless managers, executives, and coaches to find out what makes a great leader.

No single source had a complete answer, but from this research, we identified 13 goals and activities of leadership. We call these facets. We created this program for you to quickly learn about these facets and improve your real-world management impact. It is a no-nonsense leadership program that delivers real, measurable results.

"This pointed me in a direction and gave me something to focus on. Instead of spending a bunch of time doing my old job and staying in my comfort zone, I can avoid that honeypot and keep my eyes on the prize. That confidence has been a centering force so far."

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Program includes instant access to:

  • Comprehensive Leadership Assessment: Complete a 10-minute assessment to gain insights into your leadership strengths and areas for improvement.
  • In-Depth 60-Minute Scorecard Lesson: Watch a detailed lesson introducing 13 key facets of leadership, with personalized recommendations for growth.
  • Actionable Scorecard: Receive a scorecard highlighting your top three areas for improvement, along with recommended study resources.

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This 60-minute lesson tackles the number one facet that prevents leaders from earning their team's respect: They keep thinking and acting like role players instead of growing into leaders.

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"This is one of my all-time favorite tools. This scorecard and training gets a leadership team on the same page and leveled very quickly. I haven't seen anything as strong for doing that."

Here's a Quick Look Under the Hood

Want to learn more before buying the program? Check out this 4-minute segment from the lesson. It speaks to one of the 13 core facets of the scorecard.

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